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Looking for a working kink meme/active comm

Hey, guys!

I have two questions.

1. Since this comm seems pretty defunct, is there an active Leverage kink comm somewhere?

1a. Hey,cynic_fic or csi_sanders1129! How much work does it take to mod a comm? Because depending, I could maybe (maaaaybe) do it if I had help/if you needed help.
1b. Alternately, if the mod truly can't be found, would anyone want to help co-mod a new comm?

2. I'm new to this fandom, and if there's one thing I've learned from other fandoms it's that the best lists and things are not the obvious ones. So, what are the favorite/most active comms for Leverage fic? I'm on provideleverage, but over the last week my story's been almost the only one going up... (I know this has little to do with this comm, so I apologize. But as long as I'm asking one question, and the comm is defunct and so very quiet, I might as well ask more. *wry smile*)


It's on.

Here is the place to post your comments.
And your fic.
And be lovely, wonderful people.

Anonymous commenting is allowed; all IP logging is disabled. You are as secret as you wish to be.

I don't think I need to repost the rules, as they are right below us, but here is a very extensive list of almost every imaginable kink in the world. If you can't think of anything to post, but want to get involved, maybe this will give you some inspiration.

Oh! Real fast! Prompts can be as brief as you want (ie: Eliot/Hardison; glasses) or as verbose as you want (ie: Nate/Sophie; Nate confronts Sophie about inserting Tara into their group without telling him... this brings up a whole mess of trust issues and eventually leads to sexy times). Sometimes it's nice to get direction; other times, it's nice to be as free as you want.

AND! Just because someone has already posted a reply to a prompt does not mean that prompt is off the market. It's really interesting to see how different people interpret the same prompt.

I should also say: despite all the references to porn, the prompts don't actually have to do with porn (or even sexiness). They can be gen or team fic. In the subject section, please tag your comment with REQUEST or FILLED to make it easier for master list formation.

All right people. Let's go steal ourselves some porn.

Mod here.

Hey there. Welcome to the Leverage Kink Meme. The rules are posted in the comm profile, but I'll repost them here, just in case.

Please be courteous to other users - we may not all share the same kinks, but we all share the same internet. If someone posts a prompt that you find offensive/gross/creepy/whatever, just scroll on down. I can almost personally guarantee that they did not do it to upset you.

One prompt per comment, please. You can post any many prompts as you wish, as long as you do so in separate comments.

We welcome slash, het, three(plus)somes, RPF (real person fanfic) and RPS (real person slash). Crossovers are also accepted - even encouraged - as long as it connects back to Leverage in some way.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or send me - or Jess, the other mod - a message. I hope to get this thing off the ground pretty damn soon. :]

As a side note: once the prompts start filtering in, and as they are being filled, I'll be making master lists of everything for easy navigation and browsing. Ta lovelies!
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